Waking Rose Bonus Material

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To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Waking Rose, as a bonus for anyone who is particularly interested in the full and (very detailed) story of how the book the book originally came to be created over 20 years ago, I have put the entire tale online. In order to read it, you must have access to the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book. To obtain this bonus material, you can either pay $5, or if you have a copy of the 10th Anniversary edition of Waking Rose, simply type the password given in the back of the book into the coupon code box at checkout, which will make the product free. In order to open the document, you'll have to type the same password again.  If you haven't bought the new edition of Waking Rose, email regina@chestertonpress.com to obtain the password.


It’s quite a long story, but for those who enjoy hearing how novels get written, I hope it will amuse. Of course, the entire document presumes that you’ve read this book and the first two books in the “Snow White and Rose Red Trilogy,” so if you haven’t, you may want to do that first. I am certain it gives away nearly every secret revelation in the trilogy rather definitively. Enjoy!