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 Instead of Easter ribbons, twine a new spring kerchief around the basket's handle, line it with a lace scarf, and organize treats with fun (and doubly useful) containers like a china teacup and a colorful tin box. Then fill the basket with some fun Catholic reads from the Tween Girl section at Chesterton Press!

Specially for this Easter, I am pleased to offer one of my daughter's fav reads, the mystery Riddle at the Rodeo by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, also known as the author of our popular tween novel Awakening. Either book makes a great Easter read, since Awakening is a time-travel adventure about a girl who finds herself in Jerusalem the week of Christ's death and sets out on an impossible mission: to stop the crucifixion. Really powerful book that not a few moms have enjoyed as much as their daughters!  Also, check out Manga Heroes' graphic novel of Judith, again available at Chesterton Press.

For more Easter fun, consider hiding earrings or a necklace in those ubiquitous plastic eggs, and instead of a bunny rabbit, try a vintage collector's doll from your family's country of origin. My daughter loved this Polish doll which she found in last year's Easter basket.

Featured in this Basket:

Riddle at the Rodeo  Awakening

Judith: Captive to Conqueror


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