The Shadow of the Bear - Stage Play Adaptation

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Only Available at Chesterton Press

A stage play adaptation of the book The Shadow of the Bear, created by the author, Regina Doman. Featuring two strong female leads and three strong male leads, this is a fun mystery/drama for teenagers to perform. The price of the downloadable script includes a performance fee of $50, which allows amateur (nonprofessional) groups to make as many photocopies of the script as necessary for their production, and to keep all money from the ticket sales. Performance contract included with the script.

CAST LIST: parts for 7 men and 7 women, with additional bit parts. 

6 Principle parts and 8 minor parts. Minor parts can play the bit parts. 




BEAR, a burly, intimidating figure who, on closer examination, appears to be a scruffy but congenial young man with dreadlocks and a scrub beard, twentyish

FISH, his younger and thinner brother, slight, also scruffy, who carries himself as the “brains” of the operation.  Around 19.

BLANCHE BRIER, age 18, her timid and introspective air overshadows her distinctive features—long black hair and fair skin—which actually make her quite attractive

ROSE BRIER, around age 16-17, her vivacious, artistic, and dreamy redheaded sister.

MRS. JEAN BRIER, 48, their mother, a hardworking night nurse with a quiet, thoughtful air, whose graying hair is tied back in a long braid.


Students and Adults at St. Catherine’s High School:






ROB TIRSCH, senior

TOM D’ANGELO, senior

DR. FREET, principal

 MR. EDWARD FREET, around 60, a crochety but elegantly dressed short slight man who owns an art gallery in Greenwich Village.  Brother of the school principal.

A MAN at the opera, PEDESTRIANS in the snow, other STUDENTS at the school and the prom, SHOPPERS, etc. Also two or three POLICEMEN for the second-to-last scene.

 VOICE of FATHER RAYMOND and various character voices can be pre-recorded and played during the play.


 Two slender pillars, about the width of a tree, flank the stage, one at each side.  At stage center is a recess with a small platform reached by two or three steps.  

Thus there are two basic areas to the stage: DOWNSTAGE, a long narrow area that runs the width of the stage and includes the pillars, and UPSTAGE, which is the small interior used for the Brier’s home, Rob Tirsch’s home, and the mysterious penthouse apartment.  St. Lawrence’s church can be represented by a screen, scrim, or flat of an elaborate tiered wall altar placed before this interior wall, with the steps serving as part of the altar.

The UPSTAGE back wall of the platform has a wall with a rounded doorway.  The DOWNSTAGE end of the platform could have a doorway frame, by which people enter and exit the platform.  There are about two or three steps leading up to the platform.