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Sisters of the Last Straw 1: The Case of the Haunted Chapel

  • The Sisters of the Last Straw: nuns who solve mysteries!
  • Back cover: the Sisters of the Last Straw
  • Who let the jam explode in the kitchen? A disaster starts the first book of the Sisters of the Last Straw.
  • Oh no! The goats have escaped into Mr. Lemon's yard!
  • Who are the real ghosts in the chapel? The Sisters are about to find out!
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Are there GHOSTS in the CHAPEL?

If not, where are all the SCARY VOICES coming from?


The Case of the Haunted Chapel

New edition by Chesterton Press! Our first series for younger readers.

Meet the Sisters of the Last Straw, a group of sisters struggling hard to overcome their bad habits. Sister Krumbles forgets everything. Sister Shiny can't stop polishing and cleaning everything. Mother Mercy has a terrible temper. Yet when the misfit nuns band together to form a new order, lessons on tolerance and forgiveness (as well as much hilarity!) ensue. Wonderfully illustrated by Sue Gioulis, this series by veteran Catholic novelist Karen Kelly Boyce is sure to please readers of all ages. In this first book, Sister Lovely keeps hearing voices in the chapel.

READ THE FIRST 4 CHAPTERS FREE of The Case of the Haunted Chapel- Sisters of the Last Straw Book 1.


Read on to enjoy your first adventure with The Sisters of the Last Straw as they work together to uncover this mystery!

Ages 6-12
5" x 7"
82 pages

"The rollicking and winsome tales of the hijinks of a ficticious order of nuns which embodies our best experiences of the sisters we have known."  

Fr. Giles Dimock, OP, STD 

"I have to say, I'm impressed with Boyce's work. She really manages to weave mystery and comedy in with the faith in a way that's enjoyable for children. I had a close friend read this, (she's nine years old and already has a passion for Shakespeare) and she loved it, enthusiastically saying it was funny and the characters were great.... making religious sisters comedic without being disrespectful was a 'lovely' change of pace from the stiffness of some other books meant to teach virtues to kids." 

Claire Young, writer, Catholic Fiction.net

"For third- to fifth-graders, this charming tale has ghosts, animal chases and, best of all, the cutest habit-wearing nuns since The Sound of Music. Inspire thoughts of a vocation in the little girls in your life!"

Karee Santos, writer, CatholicMom.com

"I grew up on Nancy Drew and I think most young people are drawn to mysteries and figuring out the answer from the clues. But a group of misfit nuns solving cases? The reader will be pleasantly surprised, as I was. These delightful nuns - each with their own personality and faults - quickly engage the reader and the humor is age appropriate and wonderful. Now that I'm hooked, I can't wait for the next installation." 

Karen F. Riley, award-winning author and inspirational speaker

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Product Reviews

  1. Flawed sisters made it realistic and funny! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2017

    I am 12 and I loved this book and can't wait to read the other books in this series! I like that the sisters had flaws and think they did a good job tying these in with the story. Highly recommend!

  2. Truly Hilarious! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2016

    I have to recommend this book even to my non-Catholic friends. This book is truly hilarious. It is all kinds of capers and nonsense. However, at the heart of the story, we see true gospel virtues and a decent mystery.

  3. A Charming & Enjoyable Series 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2016

    In her quirky, frequently slapstick, and fast-paced books for young readers, the author has crafted a charming story of a group of challenged but sincere nuns who band together out of their love for God, the poor, and each other. Boyce adds some religious and moral teaching into the mix, as well, but never in a heavy-handed way. The result is an enjoyable and entertaining series of adventures with an offbeat but lovable religious community.

  4. Fun Caper with a Great Lesson 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jun 2016

    This book is adorable and funny. I bought this for my daughter and I just previewed it. This group of Nuns all have their faults like everyone does. so not only do you get a fun and silly caper, but a good lesson too.

  5. It was funny! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jan 2016

    We gave this to our 10 year old for Christmas and he loved it! When I glanced over to watch him curled up with it, I frequently saw amused smiles. He has already reread it--great fun!

  6. An exiting story! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2015

    Sisters of the Last Straw: The Case of the Haunted Chapel by Karen Kelly Boyce is a funny story about five nuns that get into trouble. One day Sister Krumbles forgot to check on the jams cooking on the stove and when she walked through the screen door she got herself into a jam predicament. Later that day, all five nuns had to chase five goats that escaped their pen because the pen was poorly built. Sister Lovely heard voices in the chapel; are there ghosts in the chapel?

    I like this book because it was funny. There was a mystery. Mr. Lemon who did not like the nuns that much was like a rival. I recommend this book to middle school kids like me.

  7. very cute 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2014

    I could picture the characters and the book was a breath of fresh air.

  8. Rejection, unrealistic expectations and behavioral issues... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2014

    Rejection, unrealistic expectations and behavioral issues often brought frowns to the faces of children. The Sisters of the Last Straw addressed these issues, firmly and lovingly; inspiring and consoling their young readers with their examples. The Case of the Haunted Chapel, in stories and drawings assured that there was a place for everyone in God’s plan. If unconventional behavior prompted the denial of admission to traditional religious orders, the Sisters reminded us of Saint Rita of Cascia, who needed a miracle to enter the cloister. If at times the Sisters seemed less than tidy, they resembled none other than Saint Teresa of Avila who fell off a donkey into a mud puddle. If the Sisters experienced difficulty controlling bad behavior, their struggles to overcome their failures gave a better example than Saint Augustine before his conversion. Sister Lacey served as a wonderful model as she creatively controlled her inclination toward “salty language” with a variety of “G-Rated” alternatives.

    The Case of the Haunted Chapel intended primarily for readers between the ages of 6-12 years delighted readers and listeners well beyond these temporal bounds. Each episode served as a parable, actually very similar at times to the Gospel parables and narratives, revealing compassion and humility. Instead of lost sheep, the Sisters rounded up the goats. Instead of Lazarus rising from the tomb, the title suggested other supernatural happenings. These stories came complete with a villain, the sour-pus Mr. Lemon. The Sisters have sweetened their neighborhood, not only with their jams and jellies, but they have drawn their fans to read again their antics on their way to spiritual growth.

    The Case of the Haunted Chapel was the first of the series, with book number four in the works. Congratulations to Karen Kelly Boyce, who with the aid of illustrator Sue Anderson and book designer Andrew Gioulis have brought us The Sisters of the Last Straw, now available through Chesterton Press.