Program #1

Host a Chesterton Press Book Fair

and get FREE AND

How would you like to form the imaginations of your students with good Catholic fiction while earning free or discounted books for your school?

Here's how it works...

Print out our School catalogs (for grade school and high school) via our website. Then contact us with the dates you want to hold your fair, and your school will receive a UNIQUE COUPON CODE for your school. Distribute the catalogs to your students along with a letter to parents (you can download our template here). 

Parents, teachers, and friends of the school can browse the catalog and order by making out checks or sending payment TO THE SCHOOL  The school collects orders via checks made out to the school and mail them in one envelope to Chesterton Press.  OR they can order online using the unique school coupon code so that their totals will be added to the school total. 

When the school decides to close the Book Fair, the orders are totaled and sent to Chesterton Press. 

For every 20 or more books that are ordered
from Chesterton Press, by students, their parents, staff, and faculty,

the school will receive 10% of the total order amount in free books
for their library or classrooms.

For every 40 or more books that are ordered,
the school will get 20% of the total order amount in free books.

For every 60 or more books that are ordered,
the school will get 30% of the total order amount in free books.

For every 80 or more books that are ordered,
the school gets 40% of the total order amount in free books.

For every 100 or more books ordered,
the school gets 50% of the total order amount in free books!


So here's the knitty-gritty version on how your school can get free books from us:


1.Download and print our online school catalog. You can print it out as a booklet or as letter-sized pages. Feel free to make as many copies as your school needs. Next, download our parent letter which you can personalize and copy to explain the program to your school families. (Note: the catalogs may be used for both grade school and high school.)

 2. Next, email us and let us know when you'd like to have the book fair. You set the date for the book fair and we activate your school's unique coupon code to be operative during the dates of the Book Fair.

3. Send the printed-out catalogs and letters home with your students encouraging them to place orders and get orders from friends and relatives. Or if you have a school email list, email them this link:

3. During the duration of the Book Fair, parents/students can place their orders in one of two ways:

            a. Fill out the order form and send it to school with their student with a check MADE OUT TO THE SCHOOL.

            b. Order from the Chesterton Press website with the Unique School Coupon code and USING THE SCHOOL ADDRESS AS THE SHIPPING ADDRESS. If the customer wants the books shipped directly to them rather than to the school, they can still get free shipping on orders of $100 or more.  The order amount will still count toward the school's total.  The order amount will still count toward the school's total if they put the school's coupon code into the Order Instructions on Step 5 during checkout.  

There is no shipping charge for books that are sent to the school.


 4. After the Book Fair closes, the school then sends Chesterton Press the order forms and a single check FROM THE SCHOOL MADE OUT TO CHESTERTON PRESS for the order total.

5.  Chesterton Press then adds the order total from the school and the Chesterton Press website and informs the school of the amounts and the credit amount they have for free books from Chesterton Press.

6.  The fun part!  You folks at the school get to place an order for FREE BOOKS with Chesterton Press.

7.  We will then then ship ALL the books to the school, both the orders and the free books.  Print-outs of orders from the Chesterton Press website are also sent to the school.

8.  The school then distributes the books with copies of the order forms to the students at school, and enriches their library/classroom environments with the FREE BOOKS from Chesterton Press.

9. Everyone enjoys their books! 

Program #2

If you're a teacher who wants multiple copies of one of our books for a classroom (especially using our study guides), yes we do offer...  

School Discounts

We offer our discounted books program for schools that want to make a bulk purchase of books published by Chesterton Press.  The books included in this program include:

the Fairy Tale Novels,
the Higher Mysteries series,
the I Am Margaret series,
the John Paul 2 High series,
the Sisters of the Last Straw series,
the Catholic Philosopher Chick series,
The Story of Job,
The Monks' Daily Bread, and 

The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton.

The Chestertons and the Golden Key

For every 20 or more of the above listed books ordered from Chesterton Press, your school gets a 10% discount off the order.

For every 50 or more books ordered, your school gets a 20% discount.

For every 100 or more books ordered, your school gets a 30% discount.


If you would like to participate in either of these programs for your school or have questions, please...

    • contact us via the form
    • or call 540-631-0919
    • or copy the email from the image. (We try to avoid spam robots every way we can!)