Regina's Talk: No Matter What Happens, Blessed Be His Name

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Based on my experience of losing my young son, Joshua, in a car accident, this talk includes an unusual retelling of the Book of Job while sharing my insights and reflections on the meaning of suffering, the love of God, and how to best support those who are suffering. It includes the retelling of the Book of Job which I told to my own children at the time of Joshua's death. I have given this talk at several conferences including the 2007 Midwest Catholic Family Conference, the 2008 Illinois Catholic Homeschool Conference, and the 2010 Syracuse Catholic Women's Conference.

This particular recording is from the 2010 Dayton Homeschool Conference and is available as a free MP3 download.

You can find my picture book on the Story of Job here.  The handout 20 Things You Can Do For Those Who Are Grieving which I mention in the talk can be found here.