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    Rapunzel Let Down


    For readers aged 18 and up.

    This latest Fairy Tale Novel treads into darker territory to explore a story that is all to familiar to modern readers.  When a secret summer romance turns sexual, the consequences are disastrous for both the young man and the girl he loves. What happens when falling in love means falling into sin? Can sex destroy love? 

    And when you do fall from grace, is there any way back? 

     READ CHAPTERS 1-4 of Rapunzel Let Down: a fairy tale retold by Regina Doman


    "It was honest, intense, fast-paced, and true to the original, rather than Disneyfied, fairy tale...This is the sort of book that needs discussing in a reader group; it would be fantastic for older high schoolers, though too harsh for less mature kids. Not that I'd change the dark material; every bit of it is necessary for telling the story." - Jamie Wilson, editor, Liberty Island


    I just finished reading your latest Fairy Tale Novel Rapunzel Let Down and felt that I just had to email you. 
    I've been a fan of your Fairy Tale Novels from the beginning. I discovered Rapunzel Let Down in my college bookstore as I was buying my graduation robe and happily snatched it up right away. I quickly started reading it that night and couldn't believe how quickly I was mesmerized by the characters  and swept away with the story! I couldn't put the book down! The story you told was a much darker and grown-up one, but to me it seemed more real and hit me over the head with some truths I had been trying to avoid in my own life with friends and family. Whether it was the realistic betrayal of Hermes' family's relationships with each other (you showed that being a Catholic family, even maybe a good Catholic family, doesn't mean that everyone is perfect and not capable of hurting each other), or even just Hermes and Raphaela's relationship with each other (how two immature people can overcome their own sinfulness and brokenness and still have a good lasting relationship with each other), every page I turned seemed to make me evaluate my own life and my own relationships with people. The ending especially got me and, I never do this to my books, but I actually underlined Hermes' response to Raphaela on pg 403 about why we need marriage and what makes it so different and essential and that difference is God. I actually called up my fiance and read it out loud to him over the phone because I was so touched by it. :)
    I also really appreciate authors whose books mature with their audiences and considering Shadow of the Bear first came out in the late 90s, a lot of your readers (the ones who may have been following you from the beginning) are now in their 20s and really appreciate a novel that brings to life issues and situations that they are grappling with themselves now. 
    Basically, I never typically do this, but I felt that I just had to email you my heartfelt appreciation for your work and let you know that it really touched me and changed me. I believe God is working through you in marvelous ways and using your great gift and talent for writing to spread His Word to others and I thank you for it.
    E.B., 5/13/2014