No Longer Strangers: How One College Battled Student Isolation with a Unique Solution - by Regina Doman

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No Longer Strangers:
How One College Campus battled Student Isolation
with a Unique Solution
and What They've Learned 40 Years Later

On the 40th anniversary of the institution of the first households at Franciscan University of Steubenville, two alumni look at the history and development of this unique student support system in this new book: No Longer Strangers by Father Gregory Plow, TOR, and Regina Doman. Starting from Fr. Michael Scanlan's revolutionary requirement that the students on his campus form campus support groups in their dorms called households, the book follows the exciting and sometimes rocky days of implementation in the 1970s, the growth of the 1980s, and the maturation of the 1990s, sharing reflections and insights from staff and students from each of the different eras. Bringing the story into the new millennium, the authors examine the challenges that societal fragmentation and isolating technology can have on human community, and how the spiritual and social life of households helps young adults connect with others and find a place on their campus to "know and be known." 

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