Manga-Loving Teen Girl

For that fun, romantic, and quirky teen girl in your life, we've assembled a few gift ideas that are sure to please. For an Easter basket inspired by the Far East, we chose a cotton scarf in a Chinese pattern and slipped in some Oriental lunch plates from the flea market (they look like china, but these are plastic!). And added an assortment of fun and romantic Catholic books to feed the soul as well.


Many are Called
 is the most manga-like of all our Catholic graphic novels, a steampunk & swords adventure that is actually a cleverly-imagined interweaving of Christ's parables of the End Times. In it, a prince whose bride has been stolen away by his enemy seeks to bring her home to the Wedding Feast. Two very different servants and ten equally disparate virgins play key roles in this creative and very Catholic parable.

We also included our most romantic of the Fairy Tale Novels, Waking Rose, a story of unrequited love and impossible quests based on Sleeping Beauty. It's also available in eBook format as well. And for wit and wisdom, introduce your teen girl to The Universe According to G.K. Chesterton, an offbeat dictionary featuring GKC's takes on topics as diverse as agnostics and pulp fiction. Check out more teen books at Chesterton Press.


Also for teen girls are Books 1 and 2 of the Pathway Collection by award-winning author Michelle Buckman. In Maggie Come Lately, Maggie is just trying to cope with losing her mom when she discovers a crime and becomes a celebrity... In My Beautiful Disaster, Dixie has a new set of problems when the hot leader of a local band tells her he's in love with her. Riveting drama from a wonderful Catholic author.




Here's some other fun touches we added to our basket:

A brocade coin purse makes a great rosary case, and we felt lucky indeed when we found chocolate-dipped Easter fortune cookies! And the martial-arts bunny we stumbled upon? Pure fun!  As well as some quality chocolate: we try to give our older teens the good stuff.


Here's a neat equation: Japanese holy card (found online) + dollar store frame = a unique devotional that's hard to pass up. And the Groucho-Marx-esque chenille chick adds just a touch of whimsy that suits GKC's "mad and metaphysical" dictionary.


Featured in this Basket:  

Many Are Called    Waking Rose: a fairy tale retold

The Universe According to G.K. Chesterton

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