JP2H 4: Undercover Papist - (Kindle)

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Undercover Papist.  Back cover.


So you've just been sent on Mission Impossible:  to get the most beautiful girl in your school to come back to the Catholic Church.

Brian goes to Bible Camp undercover to rescue Allie, but it seems like a lost cause.

Allie seems to be getting on just fine: helping her new Christian friends love God, and dating the camp's hot worship leader.

But inside, Allie still feels lost, and wonders if she's really changed.

Between figuring out how girls work and defending his faith against zealous fellow campers, Brian starts to realize that if he wants to help Allie, maybe he's the one who needs to change...

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Dear Regina,

I bought the kindle version, stayed up late last night reading it, (perfectly timed with an attack of insomnia) and loved it! This is the best one so far! Thanks so much for these books...

I can't wait for book 5. Now I'm dying to know what James was doing in that church, etc... who was the real shooter... I'm on the edge of my chair!

God bless, Kathy F.

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    Wonderful payoffs all around!

    Posted by Andy Hauge on 20th Aug 2014

    This is the book where I feel like the series is prepping to hit some really good ground. We get to intimately spend time with a few of the characters we already know, wrap up a major plot from the early books, and receive taunting hints about one of the other major plots.

    This book also has a very good dynamic between Catholics and Protestants, as Brian heads off to Bible Camp to give Allie the Catholic side of the story. The story manages to portray disagreement and debate between them without presenting either side as evil. The resolution of the conflict between them certainly draws on the differing culture of the respective religious creeds.

    We get to see some fallout of Brian's actions in the previous book, and this book is a great exploration of his perspective, something which started showing up in Book 3 but comes to the fore here.

    Finally? What wows me about this book is the emotional payoffs. There's one big moment towards the climax that turns into one of the most touching things I've read. There's an intense tearjerking sequence as Allie grapples with the past. There's also a generously hilarious heaping of "I know exactly what's going on with these two characters and the dramatic irony and cluelessness is KILLING ME."

    Great book, can't wait to see the series evolve from here. I get the feeling we're in for a bombshell or two in the next book.