JP2H 3: Summer of My Dissent - (iPad/Nook)

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Summer of My Dissent - John Paul 2 High Book 3Holy Heretics!
Having survived the catastrophic events at Sparrow Hills in Book Two, Allie Weaver is grief-stricken, disheartened, and disillusioned with her adopted school, John Paul 2 High, and with her newfound Catholic faith. So when a friend invites her to worship at her evangelical church, Allie goes along for the ride: and finds healing. Plus a new love interest: Keenan Clearwater, lead singer of the worship band Forgyvyn. Suddenly Catholicism is seeming a bad fit for Allie: the standards are too high, she’s not clicking with the new crop of JP2HS kids and their strict parents, and her new church just seems much more – fulfilling.

Holy Ghost!
Meanwhile, students return to give the John Paul 2 High building a summer makeover – only to find that the Poltergeist has returned as well - and this time with more dangerous pranks. Hardworking former homeschooler Brian Burke, with his friends Liz and J.P, are determined to catch the "ghost" once and for all...except that all the evidence seems to point to...Allie?

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