JP2H 2: Trespasses Against Us - (Kindle)

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Trespasses Against Us. Back cover.Got Problems? 

Try being part of a start-up school with only seven kids,
and add romance...

George and Allie are dating, and jealousy and competition are the new realities at John Paul 2 High.
Celia's got her hads full trying to keep everyone friends while dealing with her own secret feelings for George.

But then Allie's ex-boyfriend starts making trouble. Fistfights, cyberstalking, and worse threats have everyone on edge, until Celia starts to wonder; is George just trying to protect Allie, or is he out for revenge?

Soon, Celia knows she must stop George. Or is she just out for revenge herself because she's jealous of Allie?

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Age 14 - Up.
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    Things start mixing up, and get heavy

    Posted by Andy Hauge on 20th Aug 2014

    Wow. This book solidly takes the character dynamics from the first book, then starts putting pressure on them with intensity. The friendships between the original JP2H crew start to break down, and it's painful to watch some of these things falling out.

    This book is also notable for its heavy focus on Celia, showing us her side of things. What's it like to be the principal's daughter, the ever-cheerful and holy girl at JP2H? Not always happy, that's for sure. I loved seeing her get depth, and seeing the exploration of her friendship with Allie.

    Finally, this book definitely goes into some dark places, as the actions of the shooter escalate. It follows from the first book, but it does strongly raise the stakes and amp the tension.

    Overall, an excellent second entry that furthers the dynamics in the first book and mixes them up.