JP2H 1: Catholic, Reluctantly - (iPad/Nook)

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Catholic, Reluctantly. Back cover.

No one wants to be at John Paul 2 High.

George would rather be wrestling at a big high school.

Liz would rather be anywhere else, period.

Brian was homeschooled.

J.P. just wants to have fun.

James seems to hate everyone.

Only Celia seems to like the little Catholic high school.

But when a shooting at the public high school causes beautiful Allie Weaver to join John Paul 2 High the pranks, personality conflicts, and problems with the nearby public high school seem to take on a life of their own...and the mysterious shooter is still out there.

READ CHAPTER ONE of Catholic, Reluctantly - John Paul 2 High Book 1.

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Age 14 - Up. 218 pages

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Catholic, Reluctantly - Book Club Notes.

We use Catholic, Reluctantly in our confirmation classes, and the young people really seem to like it, because it's more than just dry doctrine: it's an engaging story that holds their interest. Based on our teachers' evaluation of classroom use, I would recommend this series. 

Fr. John Medwid
St. Mary's Church
Amsterdam, NY