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    John Paul 2 High

    Catholic fiction for high school teenagers!

    John Paul 2 High is about coming to terms with the Catholic Faith...
    when you would rather not...

    a. Allie is distractingly gorgeous.

    b. Brian is a formerly homeschooled nerd.

    c. Celia is syrupy sweet.

    g. George has a temper.

    j. J.P. believes there's a poltergist at the school.

    J. James is anal.

    l. Liz lies.

    y. you're trying to come to terms with someone shooting at you.

    f. you'd rather go shopping.

    a. all of the above.

    s. some of the above.

    n. none of the above.

    z. iz this a trick question?


    Check out these page-turning Catholic teen novels by Christian M. Frank! 


    We use Catholic, Reluctantly in our confirmation classes, and the young people really seem to like it, because it's more than just dry doctrine: it's an engaging story that holds their interest. Based on our teachers' evaluation of classroom use, I would recommend this series. 

    Fr. John Medwid
    St. Mary's Church
    Amsterdam, NY

    I especially enjoyed John Paul 2 High Book 4: Undercover Papist because of the debates between Protestant beliefs and Catholic beliefs. I would think of things that I would say if Protestants asked me about my beliefs. Well, in my homeschool group we have both Protestants and Catholics and my tutor is Protestant. One day she started talking about the differences between what Protestants believe and what Catholics believe, but she wasn't stating Catholic beliefs accurately. I remembered a lot of what was said in the John Paul 2 High books so I was able to use that to explain Catholic beliefs. It was neat how we could do that and still be friends.

    Marygrace S., age 13