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IAM4: Bane's Eyes - (Kindle)

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The final installment in the exciting I Am Margaret series
by CPA award-winning British Catholic young adult author Corinna Turner


“Bane, I know it’s risky, but I think I should do this speech.

 We’ve got to win... If we don’t, we’re all dead...”




In three months, the citizens of the EuroGov will decide
whether or not to abolish Sorting, the grim annual
harvesting of “imperfect” teenagers for their organs.

If they vote the wrong way, then Margo
and everyone she cares about will die.

While her beloved Bane struggles to cope with the loss of his eyes,
the lives of millions of young people and Believers are at stake as 
Margo embarks on increasingly risky media missions out of the Vatican State.
Every step she takes is steeped with political consequences.

But threats soon loom from the most unexpected quarters,
compromising even the security of the Vatican,
and with the vote hanging in the balance,
the media battle threatens to turn into real war.

Bane is desperate to join Margo in the fight, 
but how can he without his eyes?



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Praise for I AM MARGARET:

"Great style... like The Hunger Games."


Age: 16+  
8.5" x 5.5"  
428 Pages  

I Am Margaret by Corinna Turner.   

The Three Most Wanted by Corinna Turner. Book 2 in the I AM Margaret series


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Product Reviews

  1. Read at your own risk! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2016

    Bane's Eyes (I Am Margaret) (Volume 4) (Paperback)
    OK. So I started to write this review several times over the past week. I was frustrated by the fact that whatever I write will be inadequate to express the depth of this story. Is it perfect? Of course not. Silly question. Is it Very Very Good -- Most Excellent? Well, that's another matter. I would have to answer that in the affirmative. JMHO. You will need to read the series to decide for yourself.

    The first mistake I made was to read all four books in the series in four days. This should be your first hint at the power of Corinna Turner's craft. The woman can write! Her command of language, description, and the ability to give the characters voice is wonderful. The characters, from the beginning, simply come to meet the reader.

    The more I read, the more I wanted - ergo four books in four days. I know. Pretty intense. But the story - from the first book, I Am Margaret, through to the end of Bane's Eyes, is a veritable storehouse of adventure, challenge, and tension. How will it possibly turn out? The situations are incredibly difficult - but not impossible. I kept turning pages. And reaching for the next book . . .

    The characters themselves are well-drawn and develop naturally. Turner doesn't skip over or minimize the difficulties and challenges the individuals face. They are all flawed and vulnerable, just as in real life. The reader is drawn into the challenges, and while this is theoretically dystopian fiction, it's pretty scarily like what we see developing in our modern society/culture today. All of the issues raised in this series are not only present today, but are intensely personal.

    Turner draws her characters with all their warts and wrinkles visible. And we care about them all. Could be you or me. Or someone we know. The intensity of emotion is framed by the very real world decisions: Do I believe? What is that belief worth? Is it worth dying for? What defines worth? What makes a person a person - human? Where does individual strength come from?

    The exposition and development of Catholic Christian teaching and practice is handled with sensitivity and realism. The persecution of those of Faith is certainly not new - there are many examples in our history and very probably in our future. The heart of these stories is summed up in Margaret's parents last words to her as she leaves for the Sorting: "Keep the Faith". The series immerses the reader in all that that simple statement entails. And asks us to answer the questions for ourselves.

    As a mother and grandmother, I am grateful to Corinna Turner for this series. The pace, the excitement, the challenge, the realism, all make these four volumes real page turners. Ask my poor husband who had to fend for himself for four days while I disappeared between the covers of these books. I laughed. And I cried. And I sat a long time, just thinking . . . What does it mean to forgive?

    Read at your own risk!