IAM2: The Three Most Wanted

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Book 2 in the I Am Margaret series by British Catholic young adult author Corinna Turner

"Bane? Take Margo and go. You've done everything that you can.
Just leave me here. I'll be fine."
"No, you won't" said Bane.
"Fine. I won't. Doesn't make any difference now. Go."

Margo, Bane, and Jon outwitted EuroGov by rescuing an entire facility of teens destined for recycling by the European medical industry.

Now they have to make their way to the last home of religious freedom in Europe--the Vatican Free State...

The journey won't be easy.

Camping from France to Rome would be difficult enough, but an enraged EuroGov has also placed a bounty on their heads: dead or alive.

No place is safe.
No one can be trusted.
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I cannot reiterate enough how much I am enjoying these books,
and how talented this author is.

TIFFANY, blogger, ‘Life of a Catholic Librarian’

I liked this book more than the first one – and I loved that!
NEIL FIX, blogger, ‘In His Image’

Another one that I couldn't put down. Only wish it was longer!


Age 16+
8.5" x 5.5"
281 pages

Praise for I AM MARGARET:

"Great style... like The Hunger Games."


I Am Margaret by Corinna Turner. A future dystopia.  If you don't pass your Sorting at 18, you are recycled.  LITERALLY.

Liberation by Corinna Turner. Book 3 in the I AM MARGARET series. 

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  • 5
    Can't Put It Down!

    Posted by Bri on 24th Sep 2016

    Amazing! This is a book full of twists and turns. The author's insight into human nature is incredible. Her writing leaves me always wanting more and makes it so hard to put down the books. I am very grateful for all the adventure and action. It is a great book for tweens, teens and adults! I enjoy getting to know the characters well and appreciate the author's character development--quite deep. I find myself thinking about them, their mistakes, other's mistakes, how the characters handle the mistakes, and the dilemmas they experience. Concern hits me at many times in the book because this storyline is not radical enough to seem completely unrealistic. It has been and is happening to some degree in our world (ethnic cleansing, religious cleansing). I call a book that makes me think of more than what is written on the pages a very good book! I sure hope this series will begin to take the U.S. by storm. I really, really enjoyed this book! Could not put it down.

  • 5

    Posted by Amy Wagner on 7th Sep 2015

    A lot of teen angst (hey, what kind of body-love issues would YOU have, if your skin had been peeled away and then put back), more boyfriends (OK, two) than a girl knows what to do with, rescues, rich young things backpacking across Europe (that never gets old), wrapped up in a package which mashes together the Catholic faith, persecutions & betrayals with crazy signs of hope.

    I'm loving it, and can't wait for the last book (Liberation, which comes out this month) to arrive in my mailbox. I commend the author & publisher for a tidy manuscript...where are the typos, the grammatical errors??? Thankfully absent!

  • 5
    A sequel that stands above its predecessor

    Posted by AnneMarie M on 4th Sep 2015

    When I read an excellent book, I always am excited to continue discovering the adventures in a sequel. However, many times, the sequels do not live up to the height of the first book. The world has been established, and oftentimes the necessary continued growth of characters falls short. "The Three Most Wanted" stands above "I Am Margaret," and I am extremely eager to read book 3!

    "I Am Margaret" did an amazing job building up the dystopian society with suspense, drama, romance, action, and characterization. In "The Three Most Wanted," we observe the characters continue their courageous work to escape the Government's grasp. While reading this book, I often had to stop and take a breath, because I literally felt like I was running, hiking, hiding, and deliberating with these characters. Becoming more acquainted with Margo, Bane, and Jon grew to be very interesting as they encountered the challenges of escaping and a cross-country trek. Each time you sit down for a breath and relax in the characters' safety, you are suddenly jolted into action as new events wreak havoc on their lives. I highly recommend this book!

  • 5
    Outstanding Sequel!

    Posted by Tony K on 12th Aug 2015

    An exciting, adventure-filled sequel! As the story continues, Margaret and friends find themselves in hot water again and again. Turner does a great job revealing the characters' personalities and keeping the pace moving in this story of survival. Even the Pope has a part to play! Great for both religious and secular readers, Turner tells the story well without preaching or "pontificating" (pardon the pun). Appropriate for both teens and adults.

  • 5
    I liked this book more than the first one - and I loved that.

    Posted by Neil Fix on 26th Jul 2015

    I liked this book more than the first one - and I loved that. A completely different kind of story, as it follows three people across Euro-Gov rather than just Margaret in prison. As much adventure as struggle for survival, there is also the question of what they are going to do next hanging over them. If they get to safety, what then? Do they stay safe or fight back - and, if they choose to fight, how? What can they do, and can they do it on their own? There is also the trial of the Major going on in the background - and he's not going down without a fight. And various twists and turns in the final few chapters left me a bit breathless. All in all, a great read, and I look forward to the next book.

  • 5
    Another one that I couldn't put down. Only wish it was longer!

    Posted by Louisa on 22nd Jul 2015

    Another one that I couldn't put down. Only wish it was longer! Anyone wondering weather to read this, definitely do!