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    GKC's Fiction

    "Fiction means the common things as seen by the uncommon people. Fairy tales mean the uncommon things as seen by the common people." - G. K. Chesterton on Charles Dickens


    G. K. Chesterton is most famous for his essays on social problems, economics, politics, and everyday life, but he was also a fascinatingly original storyteller. His book The Man Who Was Thursday is widely considered a science fiction classic. His epic poem on King Alfred, The Ballad of the White Horse, has inspired millions. His Father Brown stories have an avid following among mystery fans. And don't forget to check out our brand-new illustrated edition of The Ball and the Cross, with pictures by Ben Hatke!

    In an attempt to make G. K. Chesterton's fiction even more widely known, we are carrying inexpensive editions of many of our favorite works by him, while preparing our own illustrated editions for publication.  Enjoy browsing!