FTN3: Waking Rose - (iPad/Nook)

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wr-backcover.jpgIt seemed he never could redeem from such a steadfast spell his lady's eyes...

Ever since he rescued her from Certain Death, Rose Brier has had a crush on Ben Denniston, otherwise known as Fish. But Fish, struggling with problems of his own, thinks that Rose should look elsewhere for a knight in shining armor.

Trying to forget him, Rose goes to college, takes up with a sword-wielding band of brothers, and starts an investigation into her family's past that proves increasingly mysterious. Then Rose experiences a tragic accident...or was it an "accident"? Fish, assisted by Rose's new friends, finds himself drawn into a search through a tangle of revenge and corruption that might be threatening Rose's very life. The climax is a crucible of fear, fight, and fire that Fish must pass through to reach Rose and conquer his dragons.

This third book from the immensely popular Fairy Tale Novel series is a modern retelling of The Sleeping Beauty by Brothers Grimm.

READ CHAPTERS 1-4 of Waking Rose - a fairy tale retold by Regina Doman.

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Age 16 - Up.
351 pages.
6" x 9" 

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