FTN2: Black as Night - (iPad/Nook)

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Black as Night - "Who is the fairest in the land" games don't always end up so nicely.

"Who is the fairest in the land games" don't always end up so nicely.

Blanche finds herself entirely on her own in New York City and her summer job inadvertently brings her a jealous enemy and unsuspected terror. She tries to disappear among seven Franciscan friars who work with the homeless, but peril finds her even there as she struggles to console a dying man. Meanwhile Bear and Fish cut short their European trip once they learn that Blanche has vanished. Back in New York City they soon encounter a hidden malice stalking them as they (along with Rose and her mother) launch a Sherlockian search for Blanche. The suspense and fast-paced action continue in this second book of the Fairy Tale Novels series - a modern retelling of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.

READ CHAPTERS 1-4 of Black as Night: a fairy tale retold by Regina Doman.

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Age 14 - Up.  291 pages.  6" x 9" 

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