For Discerning Young Women


Finding out God’s plan for your life is an adventure: but it can be difficult sometimes. To encourage the young woman in your life who’s sometimes confounded by the big issues, here are three reads dealing with vocation. Our graphic novel I Believe in Mercy tells the story of how Jorge Bergoglio found his call, and includes many excerpts from his writings on his vocation. Our Fairy Tale Romance is the true story of how one young man discerned his call to marriage, and includes the St. Raphael prayer. And lastly, we’ve included the saga of Cate Frank, the Catholic Philosopher Chick, and her continuing search for Truth, Beauty, and the Perfect Guy in Catholic Philosopher Chick Comes on Strong, the second book in our romantic comedy series. We included a fashion scarf and matching earrings, as well as some good chocolates and good tea, because part of discerning means finding joy and Christ in the present moment as well!

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Featured in this Basket:
Pope Francis: Believe in Mercy Our Fairy Tale Romance

Catholic Philosopher Chick Comes on Strong


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