For Baby


Easter baskets for babies should be fun and simple with a few things for Baby that are easy to grab and explore. Our baby basket is lined with a play silk cloth and hides a knitted bag of blocks beneath its fun toys and delightful books. For books, there's always our best-selling baby classic Angel in the Waters. Instead of too-sugary chocolates, include an Easter drink cup, along with The Story of Job and The Monks' Daily Bread. A vintage baby rosary was restrung with parachute cord for extra toughness, and plastic eggs can hold goldfish crackers and other toddler-friendly treats.


Still a favorite with thousands of children after ten years, Angel in the Waters is a lovely present for Easter or any time new beginnings are celebrated! $7.50 from Chesterton Press -- or $12.50 for an heirloom hardcover edition and you can request a signed copy!


Featured in this basket:

Angel in the Waters   The Monks Daily Bread   The Story of Job

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