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CPC2: Catholic Philosopher Chick Comes on Strong - (iPad/Nook)

  • The Chick is back, and better than ever!
  • The Chick is back, and better than ever!

Product Description

Catelyn Frank - the Catholic convert fashion-writer-turned-philosopher is back for another round of adventures in this romantic comedy from Regina Doman (author of the Fairy Tale Novels) and philosophy & literature diva prof, Rebecca Bratten Weiss. 

In Book 1, Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her DebutCate left the East Coast to travel to Texas to study philosophy and search for Truth, Beauty, and the Perfect Guy. There, she met with a plenitude dilemmas, including the roommate from hell, full of somewhat-misogynistic males, and the bewildering feeling that the Perfect Guy was close at hand. Not to mention trying to achieve her Happy Weight...

Now Cate's returned for her second year of grad schoolwith a slimmer figure and a new boyfriend, to face the dreaded Qualifying Exams, while figuring out what to do when her friend Dani (and Dani's sour roommate Felicity) are suddenly homeless. Plus there's Portia's theatrical woes, Mary Clare's delicious but too-fattening cooking, and...oh yes, someone's vandalizing the books in the University's library. Is the militant atheist group on campus guilty? 

But at least Cate's found true love at last... or has she? There's trouble in paradise...



     Sean stood up. “Stop banging stuff around. You Yankee girls really don’t know how to act like ladies, do you?”
     Something inside me snapped, and before I could help myself, my inner feminist had burst out. “Ladies? You mean the wives of Lords? You mean simpering primping nincompoops who just sat around being treated like prize brood mares when they weren’t whipping the serfs or having the vapors? No, no, I guess I never did learn to act like one of them. I am a WOMAN. And a PHILOSOPHER. And a CATHOLIC. That’s all that I need to be, too, thank you very much!”
     “I’m not gonna say what you need to be…”
     “Why?” I snapped, picking up my bag and swinging it across my shoulder dramatically. “Because you’re such a GENTLEMAN? Ha!”
     Swishing my perfect glossy hair behind me—alas, unappreciated!—I whirled and stomped away from him. At least, I would have stomped away.
     What I did not realize was that the cast iron tables and chairs had recently been chained to the lampposts. I caught one of my stilettos on a chain and down I went, flat on my belly on the sidewalk.
     As I lay there nose against the ground, feeling grit in both torn palms, I realized that just before hitting the pavement I’d shouted something that Sean surely would not perceive as ladylike at all. When would I learn?


“Cate’s adventures are a guilty pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about reading!” - Simcha Fisher, Author ofThe Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

"To transform the chick-lit getting-hitched plot into a leaving-behind-childish-things-and-growing-in-practical-wisdom plot, while still remaining deliciously snarky, is no small task" - First Things blog

"Rollicking wit is complemented by a deep analysis of the role of women." - Ronda Chervin, Ph.D.

"Cate is a flawed character. She shops too much, wears her skirts too short, enjoys food immensely, and succumbs to her desire for a cigarette when she is stressed. She is a work in progress, trying to figure out what it means to be a Catholic woman. One can’t help but root for her as she navigates both academia and life." - Catholic Library World



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