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My Topics & Talks for general audiences

  • Who's Prettier: The Disney Princesses or the Blessed Mother? 
    The imagination is a powerful thing.  Forming your family's imagination is crucial, and Scripture and beauty provide the guidelines.  This talk deals with the practicals of how to communicate the truth about goodness and beauty to your children so that you can create a family culture of beauty. It's a very fun, positive, inspirational talk I first gave in 2012.

  • For Teens: Evangelizing the Imagination
    My most popular talk! I first gave this talk at the Catholic Writers Conference in Somerset, New Jersey in August 2009.  Since then I've given it to English classes, high school assemblies, drama classes, library groups, writer conferences, and teens at Catholic and homeschool conferences.  In it, I challenge the audience through an interactive discussion to re-think how we imagine good and evil. Of interest to teens, youth ministers, literature teachers, and anyone who works with teens and the media they love. 

  • "No Matter What Happens, Blessed Be His Name"  
    Based on my experience of losing my young son, Joshua, in a car accident, this talk includes an unusual retelling of the Book of Job while sharing my insights and reflections on the meaning of suffering, the love of God, and how to best support those who are suffering.  I have given this talk at the 2007 Midwest Catholic Family Conference, the 2008 Illinois Catholic Homeschool Conference, and the 2010 Syracuse Catholic Women's Conference.

  • Catholic Fiction: Why Catholics need contemporary novels they can call their own 
    For Catholic Priests, Teachers, Youth Ministers, Librarians, & Booksellers. In this talk, I define Catholic fiction (not an easy task!), demonstrate why it's a critical component in building Catholic culture and identity, and discuss the pitfalls and problems of marketing fiction to Catholics.

  • Pick Your Own Topic
    Feel free to ask me to talk on anything that will be of interest to your group! I am always interested in tackling a new topic.

How to Create Evil Characters (When You're A Good Catholic/Christian/Person)
Talks for Writers and Educators on Fiction

  • Another fun talk!  An exercise in rethinking good and evil in the light of human experience, plus three tricks writers can use to portray evil actions that they've never committed themselves. Of interest to both writers and teachers of literature and storytelling 
  • Which Comes First, the Plot or the Character?
    This classic conundrum was solved by the playwright Lajos Egri, and is the method still employed by Hollywood screenwriters today.  With an overview of both story structure and character building, this talk particularly explores the overlooked component that Egri used to tie both together in a satisfying whole.  Of particular interest to writer's groups and writing instructors. 
  • Working With An Editor
    What are editors and agents looking for in your fiction manuscript?  What part of your submission is really the "dealbreaker"?  What crucial component of your story are editors looking for in the first three chapters or thirty pages of your manuscript?  In this talk, I share my experience as both a writer and a fiction editor to decode standard submission guidelines so that you can give editors what they're looking for, and avoid the most common gaffes.


  • Pick Your Own Topic
    Feel free to ask me to talk on anything that will be of interest to your group! I am always interested in tackling a new topic.


Fiction Writing Intensive 

Regina's Fiction Writing Seminar for 16-year-olds to Adults
(7-hour workshop plus a half hour for lunch)
This seminar, for ages 16 through adult, is for anyone who's writing fiction --  whether they are writing a novel, a screenplay, a children's book, a comic book, or an epic poem.  The three talks, Starting your Story: Which Comes First, the Plot or the Character?How to Create Evil Characters (When You're a Good Catholic)Reverse-Engineering Your Plot: Building a Story from Premise to Climax, focus on the three key aspects of Premise, Character, and Plot.  Whether you are writing fiction or trying to mentor students who are writing fiction, this seminar will set you on the road to understanding the construction of good stories and how to create them.  Please come to the seminar with a story idea (finished or unfinished) that you're willing to share with the class.

This workshop will include take-home materials. Fiction Writing Course fee is $55/person and I need about 20 attendees.  I gave this workshop to 40 attendees at the 2013 Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference.


letter from pastor

Here is a letter from my pastor about my status as a Catholic Christian.


VIRTUS training certificate

I have a certificate for attending the VIRTUS training and am in compliance with the Safe Environment policies.


costs and policy

I love to give talks to adults and young people at conferences and schools. However, because I am a wife and mother, leaving home to speak is a little tricky. So my husband and I have come up with this criteria: giving talks has to support our time together as a couple and a family instead of cutting into that time. I therefore ask hosts for a $750-$1000 travel stipend if an airline ticket is necessary; a $200-$300 travel stipend if the destination is less than 7 hours by car.  In addition I ask hosts to pay all lodging and meal expenses during the event for me as well as for my husband (including a rental car if transportation from an airport to the hotel and the place of the talk is not otherwise provided).

In addition, I ask for a $1000 speaker stipend. This speaking fee would cover a one-hour talk for adults or teens. I am open to giving an additional one-hour talk to adults, teens or children on the same day at no additional charge. Additional one-hour talks on additional days would cost $500 per day per talk.

The speaker fees assume I will be allowed two tables to display and sell books I write, edit, publish, or distribute, as well as merchandise.


speaking to schools and school groups 

Book Regina for your conference!

Email regina AT reginadoman DOT com

While I am in the area, I always welcome the chance to do some volunteer speaking to children and young adults in your local Catholic, Christian, private, or public school or homeschool group. If transportation to and from the school can be provided, I will do these talks at no additional cost.

I generally talk to English classes in the upper grades about writing as a career, and where the venue is appropriate, I talk about the relationship of the Catholic/Christian faith to the creative writing process.

I also have a character-based talk on writing that I have given in public schools and can give where a secular approach to the subject is required. In short, I can tailor the talk to whatever the teachers of the school think their pupils need to hear.

I also have done many story-time readings of Angel in the Waters for younger children with a question and answer period afterwards.

Again, talks to school children that are part of a paying venue have no additional cost.


conference bio

Regina Doman is a Catholic wife, mother, author and editor, known for her teen fiction series the Fairy Tale Novels and her picture book Angel in the Waters. Regina and her husband Andrew live in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley on a farmstead with their children. To the question, “How do you manage to get it all done?” Regina responds, “What makes you think I get it all done?”


recorded talks

A download of my talk to teens, "Evangelizing the Imagination" from the 2010 Dayton Homeschool Conference is available here.