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    Catholic Philosopher Chick


    Smart Chick Lit!

    At last -- a Catholic romantic comedy series! New convert Cate Frank travels to Texas to study philosopy, while secretly hoping to find the Catholic man of her dreams. On a quest for Truth, Beauty, and the Perfect Guy, Cate wrestles with her self-image, tries to figure out the whole Catholic thing, while managing to achieve her Happy Weight and become the Next Great Catholic Philosopher! Check out this fun series for women (but the guys we know who've read it find it a real hoot!).

    Read the first 4 Chapters of Cate's first book: Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut.


    The Catholic Philosopher Chick books are chick lit for intelligent, well-educated women.... With frequent use of Latin chapter titles and discussions of philosophical debates, they make for both educational and entertaining reading.

    Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

    Reviewer for Catholic Library World