Press Release: Rapunzel Let Down wins 2nd place in CPA Awards

Posted by Chesterton Press on 25th Jun 2014

Rapunzel Let Down wins CPA award!

At the Catholic Media Conference, held in Charlotte, NC on June 18-20, 2014, the Catholic Press Association gave out the awards for excellence in media for the year 2013, and Chesterton Press's novel Rapunzel Let Down: a fairy tale retold won 2nd place for the Best Catholic Novel of the Year.

Rapunzel Let Down is the sixth book in Regina Doman's Fairy Tale Novel series, and the first book in the series written for an adult audience rather than a young adult audience.  This modern retelling of the classic fairy tale "Rapunzel" explores the consequences of premarital sex from the perspective of a Catholic teenage boy who falls from grace and an agnostic teenage girl who has to deal with the unexpected pregnancy.  This thriller contains cameos of previous heroes in the series as it tells the story of a senator's son who falls in love with the daughter of a reclusive scientist with disastrous results.

Author Regina Doman was surprised and excited by the award. "It's such an honor," she said. "I was initially anxious about the reaction from Catholic parents to this story, since this novel is so much darker than the others in the series. But it has found a welcome response among the older teens and adults who have read it, and I'm thrilled by the CPA's recognition. It's my hope that the award will put the book on the radar of teachers and youth ministers who can share it with teens who will be impacted by the story."

Rapunzel Let Down is available in softcover for $25 from and in hardcover for $35, with Kindle and ebook versions for $7.00.  Wholesale distribution is through Catholic Word. The book can also be obtained from larger websites such as