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Acknowledging a Debt to the Fisher King

Acknowledging a Debt to the Fisher King

Posted by Regina Doman on 12th Aug 2014

Stories are made of so many bits and pieces from a person's consciousness, some of them conscious and some of them so unconscious that their influence leeches subtly and powerfully through your m … read more

Press Release: Rapunzel Let Down wins 2nd place in CPA Awards

Posted by Chesterton Press on 25th Jun 2014

At the Catholic Media Conference, held in Charlotte, NC on June 18-20, 2014, the Catholic Press Association gave out the awards for excellence in media for the year 2013, and Chesterton Pres … read more

Finally saw FROZEN and I Confess Myself Disappointed

Posted by Regina Doman on 13th Apr 2014

This is a review I did for my Facebook friends. Apparently, many people agreed with me so I repost it here.Silly me, I was expecting a Pixar-level plot or at least something as good as TANGLED. I also … read more

Why Catholic Fiction?

Posted by Regina Doman on 21st Feb 2014

AFTER OVER FIFTEEN YEARS in the business of creating and publishing Catholic fiction, I've found there are generally three questions I get asked when people find out what I do. 1) Catholic Fiction? … read more