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    Chesterton Press


    ... is a small Catholic publisher and distributor owned and operated by popular Catholic author, editor, and speaker Regina Doman and her husband Andrew.

    Chesterton Press is named in honor of the prolific writer Gilbert Keith Chesterton, an enormous personality whose writings include poetry, biography, novels, plays, works of theology, philosophy, and history, not to mention countless essays. Not only was he a prolific and profound writer, but he was funny, too.  Many of the books we publish are peppered with G. K. Chesterton quotes.

    One of Chesterton's most famous poems is "The Ballad of the White Horse", which inspired our company logo. Among the most well-known passages of the poem is, "The men signed with the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark." It's only in the dark that we can see the stars, and we included three of them to recall the Christian Trinity.

    Chesterton Press is a place where you can find fun Catholic fiction: fiction that evangelizes the imagination by telling a good story.  We carry original and contemporary stories which we find adhere to the highest storytelling standards.  We seek neither to overtly preach nor to teach, but to entertain. The preaching and teaching we leave up to the Holy Spirit working through the stories we publish.  Our particular focus is on dynamic popular contemporary teen/young adult and adult Catholic fiction. The common thread among our offerings is that they are stories we have written, personally edited, helped to create, or simply find really enjoyable.

    We began by publishing Regina's Fairy Tale Novels, which we have done independently since 2007. Toward the end of 2011 we decided to expand beyond self-publishing with the acquisition of the John Paul 2 High series, which Regina oversaw for Sophia Institute Press.  In 2012 we entered the world of adult fiction with the launch of our third series, Catholic Philosopher Chick, detailing the adventures of Cate Frank in her search for truth, beauty, and the perfect guy.

    If you are familiar with our novels, please consider posting a review of them on our website.  And please tell your friends about us: the highest compliment our readers give us is referring us to their friends.

    chesterton-with-book-small-png.pngThank you for visiting Chesterton Press! We look forward to helping you find some great reads!

    Peace and Good -
    Regina Doman & Andrew Schmiedicke

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    P.S.  Although Chesterton Press is NOT accepting submissions (we are just too small and have no one to read and sort through them, so please don't send us any!), we still have a link to the submission guidelines we used for Sophia Institute Press, since we think that will help writers to better prepare manuscripts for submission to any publisher of fiction.