4: Undercover Papist

4: Undercover Papist


Now that Allie's left the Catholic Church, her friends from John Paul 2 High mount a rescue mission to bring her back.

So off Brian goes to Cross Bridge Summer Bible Camp, hoping to be able to convince Allie of the error of her ways. But things don't go so easily: it starts to dawn on Brian that Allie's spiritual change is genuine, and she seems adamant that her new church is the best church for her. But inside, it's a different matter as Allie struggles to keep her newfound zeal from sinking into despair. And Brian, who's a genius at apologetics but is more clueless when it comes to girls' emotions, starts to realize how impossible this mission might be -- without God, that is...

I bought the Kindle version, stayed up late last night reading it, (perfectly timed with an attack of insomnia) and loved it! This is the best one so far! Thanks so much for these books...I can't wait for book 5. Now I'm dying to know what James was doing in that church, etc... who was the real shooter... I'm on the edge of my chair! -- Kathy F.

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