2: Trespasses Against Us

2: Trespasses Against Us


Spring semester at the first year of John Paul 2 High, it seems to Celia Costain that almost EVERYONE is dating: except her! Her parents don't allow dating, and Celia's mostly fine with that -- but that doesn't make her life much easier. Because she's the principal's daughter, everyone seems to think she's perfect. And when scary things start happening to her friend Allie, no one seems to want to tell Celia what's really going on! As for George Peterson, his conflict with Tyler Getz is far from over. As Tyler targets more JP2HS kids, and threatening messages on Allie’s cell phone appear with alarming frequency, George starts wondering how long the good guys have to wait before they’re allowed to strike back? As events escalate, George finds himself waiting for Tyler to cross the line so he can serve out justice … but the only person standing in his way is his former best friend: Celia Costain.

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