1: Catholic, Reluctantly

1: Catholic, Reluctantly


When their parents decide to start a new high school,George, Celia, Liz, J.P., Brian, and James are all thrown together, although they have almost nothing in common. George and Celia attended the local Catholic high school, Brian and James were homeschooled. Liz just wants to attend a school where she can play sports, and J.P. just wants to make trouble...or is that the poltergeist? Then there's a shooting at the local public high school, and Allie Weaver joins the class ...

We use Catholic, Reluctantly in our confirmation classes, and the young people really seem to like it, because it's more than just dry doctrine: it's an engaging story that holds their interest. Based on our teachers' evaluation of classroom use, I would recommend this series. 

Fr. John Medwid
St. Mary's Church
Amsterdam, NY

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